Wichita Homeowners can avoid Foreclosure         
by Short Sale

If you owe more on your home than its value call us today! 


  • Are you struggling to make your mortgage payments?
  • Do you owe more on your home than it will sell for and still be able to pay commission and closing cost?
  • Do you want to avoid Foreclosure?

The Jeff Blubaugh Real Estate Team at Keller Williams Hometown Partners is the team that can help you understand your options. We are experts in helping you work with your mortgage company to perform a short sale!

Our services are free to you as we accept only what commission your bank offers.  

If you are currently in a foreclosure situation there are several options  a homeowner can pursue including a short sale, regular sale or sale of your redemption rights. 

What is a short sale?

Many sellers without equity are also eligible for a relocation grant up to $2,500.  A short sale or short payoff is when your lender or lenders accept a discounted payoff on an existing mortgage and agree to allow $0 in closing for the homeowner to avoid the cost of a foreclosure. In other words, when a homeowner finds themselves in a situation where the market value of their home is not enough to cover the principal balances, late fees, attorneys fees and closing costs, and their loan is in default  A short sale allows them to sell their property to avoid a foreclosure for themselves and the lender.

Proof Jeff Blubaugh can get the job done!

Below are just a few of the short sales that we have successfully completed.
Jeff Blubaugh has negoiated short sales with several Banks Including:

-Successfull negotiation of a short sale with Bank of America on an East Wichita home and the bank accepted over $48,000 under the amount owed.

-Negotiated and closed a short sale with US Bank on a Southeast Wichita home which previously sold for $187,500 and the bank agreed to accept $135,000 and was closed after Sedgwick County Sheriff Sale!   

-Closed a short sale in the Goddard School District with State Bridge Company when the contract was received AFTER SHERIFF SALE and the lender agreeing to a loss of more than $35,000 less than the original purchase price.

-Assisted a seller in South Wichita with a Wells Fargo short sale and now 18 months later he has a 700 credit score.

-Assisted a seller in Mulvane with a Well Fargo loan after the Sheriff Sale and the seller walked away with over $17,000!!!

-Negotiated a short sale with Wells Fargo for over $42,000 short of the total balance owed and the seller received a $750 relocation fee and stopped foreclosure.

-Sold a $260,000 rural Kansas property in 2 weeks and Member Services credit union agreed to a loss of $12,702 and the seller got over $3,000! 

-Negotiated a short sale with Chase and Homecomings short $98,742!!!!! Closed a short sale with Bank of America, for a total of $53,702 short.

-Metlife/First Horizon agreed to a short sale taking $38,000 less than what was owed.

-Successful short sale with HSBC, taking a reduction of $63,121 of the original lien and paid the seller $2,500 relocation fee.

-Recently closed another short sale with Indy Mac and the seller received $11,208 at closing!

For all of your real estate needs in Kansas and especially in Wichita, GoddardDerbyMaizeHaysvilleAndover, and Bel Aire.  Call Jeff Blubaugh today to be the next Foreclosure turned around into a success story!!      

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